Jamie Lewis, Gravy and Tim Bonaparte
Welcome! This is Jamie Lewis a.k.a Nebula One here.

I wanted to make a page where you can make beats with MegaMusicMaker beatmaking software, download 1000+ of my beats and attend 12 weeks of Internet Business Webinars to sell your beats online.

So, here it is...

<----- Make sure to watch this video: Watch studio quality beats made quicker than you would ever imagine.

Note that the MegaMusicMaker software is only available at the JamieLewis.net website and the special promotion will only last for today.
24-7 support is also included when you sign up: If you have any questions or need assistance getting started we will help you every step of the way. Sign up now!

What if you could download software off the Internet, make insane beats with it AND sell those beats online through a marketplace?

Megamusicmaker is the biggest, baddest beat maker in existence. Brand spankin' new and packed with thousands of amazing sounds, combos and drums.

Arrange complete songs on your computer in minutes, or log into the members area and create songs online.

After you are done, upload the beats you make to the marketplace and sell them exclusively or non-exclusively through Jamielewis.net.

Check out the rest of this page for everything you need to know to get started.

Music by Jamie Lewis

Ok, so let's talk about beats. Watch this video to take a look at the collection.
I am including all of my beats from my website Beats365 with a membership here.

Now take a listen to what my beats sound like. Or better yet,
do a quick search for "Beats365" on Google and see what people say.

New beats just added by Jamie Lewis:

Awesome right? These Instrumentals KICK ASS.
I want you to download all 1000+ Beats at once.

Jamie Lewis and Dennis Decambre

The difference between us, and them:
Lifetime access for one fee?
You have to pay for every beat or monthly
How many beats?
1000 MB of beats! -That's 24 hours of instrumentals. You will have 15 cd's full of hundreds of over-the-top sick ass beats by Jamie Lewis AKA Nebula One.
5 MB of beats -100 beats if you are lucky.
All styles?
Every style imaginable!
39 Genres of my hottest beats ever.
No where near 39 genres.
You can download every instrumental I have produced once you are a member of my site.
Streamable only.
The beats are absolutely bananas.
Unoriginal and boring.
Personal contact?
Hit me up! I hang out with my members all day.
Are you really musicians?
Jamie Lewis was a professional studio producer for 20 years, so what do you think?
Stolen or they had software put the beats together.


Now let's talk about Online Business... I have made millions on the Internet with my music since 2004.

I do two webinars a week LIVE where I interact with my students and help them get started with their own businesses online. I am throwing in 12 webinars with a membership to JamieLewis.net. I want YOU at these webinars with us.

Everything you do with MegaMusicMaker is 16 track.

From the Drum Sequencer, to the Music Sequencer, to the Arranger. You have 16 final tracks to mix.

You can either bounce down your drum tracks and melodic patterns, or you can do them indivually.

This is a powerful beatmaker that can accomplish anything you want done.

Packed with over 2000 sounds, this machine is capable of any genre of music, and you can create from the ground up or from loops, pre-loaded into the interface.

The Arranger is where you can edit your song.

Drag & Drop your individual sequences into the timeline.

Easy key commands for editing and redoing. It is easy as heck to use. Guaranteed.

Create your drum tracks here!

The Drum Sequencer was designed by a professional drummer.

You get 5 drum instruments and the ability to either click the notes in, or tap out the beat using the pads.

Create awesome melodies and combos with the Music Sequencer.

Make music here. Using the many sounds, keys and combos... either clicking or playing live using the keyboard, you are sure to come up with something here with this easy to use interface.

We wanted to create a surface similar to many of the drum machines we use to produce.

Select which sound you want, then start jamming it out.

Press record on the drum sequencer, and the notes will record.

After you are done, drag & drop the drum sequence into the timeline!

The Keyboard is here for the professional players.

Play your leads, combos and compose your masterpiece live.

For a more musical ability while producing, use the keyboard alongside the actual pads and sequencer.

When everything is done, it's time to mix.

You get 16 channels of madness! Mix, pan, and use the mute & solo features to ease the process along.

This is a professional mixing atmosphere. Let's get busy!

The sounds that come with MegaMusicMaker are all original from our own catalog. Hundreds of Guitars, pianos, leads, synths, chords, snares, claps and more.

You will absolutely love all of our sounds. We only spend our time building the hottest most professional soundkits and drums.

Want Combos? How about the all in one horn section, synth and kick drum (As an example)

or you want to choose your drum kits by the style? Our easy orginized kits you will find super easy to use and to create music with.

The MegaMusicMaker Application comes as a standalone interface as well as an online beatmaker.

We wanted to give our users a choice of where and how they would create beats.

Want to make beats on your laptop? Download MegaMusicMaker Standalone version from the members area.

Do you want to make beats online? Log into the members area and click on "Make beats online."

You can export to wav with the standalone and download using the online version.

Upload your beat to the marketplace for sale.

MegaMusicMaker is for sale exclusively from MegaMusicMaker.com and for a limited time promotional low price.

Make beats with MegaMusicMaker.com and join the $3500 contest today.

Do you need to learn how to make beats? Leed a music production lesson?

We have all the tutorials ready for you.

Everything from how to make a hip hop beat, to techno. It's all right here.

Log into the MegaMusicMaker members area and watch our tutorials on how to make insane banging beats.

Our goal is to have you producing the sexiest beats anyone has ever heard.

Check out some of our sample tutorials on this page.

Hip hop Rap Reggaeton DubStep D&B
Trance R&B Salsa Rock Electronica
Bass Reggae Jungle Techno Metal

Make Hip hop beats, R&B, Techno, Trance, Jungle, Reggae, it's all here!

Want to use an acoustic guitar for a reggae track? or how about steel drums?

And imagine how easy it is with our combos.

ANY GENRE is possible with MegaMusicMaker as you can see. Get on it today.

Make money by selling your beats using our marketplace!

Upload your finished beats to the marketplace using our simple uploader.

Other rappers, singers, DJ's and producers will purchase from the marketplace and you get paid via paypal.

All you need are beats you produce using the MegaMusicMaker application and a PayPal account to get started.

Look how easy it is to make beats with MegaMusicMaker.

Download the app to your harddrive, crank out hot professional beats and upload them to the MMM Marketplace to sell!

The world's first production machine and money maker in one!

WOW! That looks easy right? And the beats are NASTY!

These beats are insane. And it is SUPER easy.

Entertainers promote MegaMusicMaker. And they also want beats. Upload yours for the chance to be featured on your favorite entertainer's album PLUS the chance to win $1000.00

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Stop sitting on your ass and start making history with MegaMusicMaker! Submit your beats and get FAMOUS!

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You don't need to have a degree in music to make crazy, sick beats.

You don't need to spend THOUSAND on hardware.

You don't need to go hang out in a studio for HOURS.

You don't need to pay producers and hire a band.

Create insane beats on the fly with little to no effort.

Get thousands of sounds and full beats created by Jamie Lewis himself.

Ok so look.. Stop procrastinating and get MegaMusicMaker today.
It's easy, fun and sounds like a million bucks.

Ive been producing music longer than 20 years.

And this is our best machine yet. Jamie Lewis is guaranteed to rock your world or your money back.

And I think you will agree that we are practically GIVING it away.

Instead of buying a sandwich and a pack of cigarettes, get Jamie Lewis for the same price.

It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and you won;t be needing it. But in case you do, we are with Clickbank. The #1 online retailer.

MegaMusicMaker BeatMaking Software
Download the MegaMusicMaker software exclusively through me.

You get all the sounds, and unlimited use of my software for life.

MegaMusicMaker is downloadable for standalone use as well as Online Accessed as well.

Download every Rap beat, Audio Clip, Hip Hop, R&B and Reggae Instrumental I have ever made.
Hundreds upon hundreds of the hottest beats and instrumentals, including ALL of the beats available for preview on the search feature, and more! 100's of Beats and new beats uploaded to the database! Download my royalty free beats easily. Use them however you like!
Jamie Lewis will teach you
Learn Online Business With Jamie
Want to learn how I sold over $2,000,000 of beats, music software, music lessons?

Come to my LIVE webinar twice a week and let me teach YOU the hottest online strategies to sell your beats, hooks, verses, music lessons, photos and more. Proven to work after 200+ webinars in 2011 and 2012.

Beats 365 Community
MegaMusicMaker Marketplace
Sell your beats inside the members area to rappers and artists who want them! Only through JamieLewis.net and MegaMusicMaker.
Jamie Lewis kicks ass


 The 60 Day Guarantee will allow you to do this knowing that if it doesn't work for you, you will not be taken to the cleaners.

I'll refund you the entire purchase price.

Now trust me this won’t happen but I’m obligated to mention it.

If I can't produce the results you were expecting, I will refund you immediately.

For any reason

No questions asked

I will not hesitate and you will get a speedy refund.

Or, simply go to our retailer, Clickbank.com within 60 days from ordering and click on the Refund link.

You came here because you want to make money online right?

By devoting only a few moments of your time to downloading, setting up the program and clicking one time on the button to kick start it, you'll be on your way to making your cash dreams come true.

It's that easy.


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Only $27.00
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Produce music in all styles
Show off your beats and win prizes and cash
<----- You saw this video right? Watch studio quality beats made quicker than you would ever imagine.

Note that the MegaMusicMaker software is only available at the MegaMusicMaker.com website and the special promotion will only last for today.

24-7 support is also included when you sign up: If you have any questions or need assistance getting started we will help you every step of the way. Sign up now!

For Support Email: support@champsites.com

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